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The 2022 call for applications is closed!


Our call for applications is officially closed. VITA Accelerator team is going to perform evaluation & matchmaking of the startups.


We postponed the start of the Program to October '22 to allow more time to sign the termsheets with the selected startups. This opens an opportunity to consider allocating a couple of extra slots for additional startups.


If you are still interested to apply, please contact us.

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Deep expertise in life science & innovation

Accelerator Partners - CDP Venture Capital SGR, Healthware Group and Accelerace - bring a deep combined expertise in shaping, operating, and advising accelerator programs together with profound digital health knowledge and extensive ecosystem connections. In this way, startups get access to the superior pool of digital health knowledge and will be guided by the professionals with hands on industry experience.

Corporate & global ecosystem access

VITA Accelerator offers to startups a unique opportunity to collaborate with our Innovation Partner Zcube and Corporate Partners Petrone Group and SIFI, solving their Innovation Challenges. In the course of the Program, selected startups will be able to work on the proof-of-concepts (POCs) together with the Partners and get an opportunity to continue this collaboration further. In addition, VITA Accelerator offers access to the Italian patient associations and hospitals (see our Ecosystem Partners). Finally, VITA Accelerator has vast connection to the leading digital health and innovation hubs globally, thus providing contacts to the global ecosystem.

Strong investors network – see the 4th point below

Enhanced visibility in front of the digital health community

The Demo Day of the Program will take place at Frontiers Health Global Conference 2022, one of the leading digital health events in Europe. In this way, the startups will gain enhanced visibility and direct access to a global community of top digital health innovators.

VITA Accelerator is looking for pre-seed or seed digital health startups. Startups of later stages may also be a good fit for the Program in case they are interested in starting the expansion of a particular product or service in Italy.

We are accepting either:

  • Startups based in Italy;
  • Or international startups interested in doing business in Italy and setting up an Italian entity;
  • Or international startups founded by Italians abroad.

As for international startups that don’t fulfil the above conditions but make a perfect fit for the Program & Innovation Challenges, we also reserve the right to accept guest teams. Guest startups will be able to access the Program and carry out proof-of-concepts with the Partners, but will not get access to the investment.

The 12-week program will be delivered over 5 months, in a hybrid format, combining on-site activities with online sessions and tailored to each team.

The curriculum will be composed of lectures, workshops, 1 to 1 expert mentoring sessions and work on partner cooperation projects and proof-of-concepts (POCs). Each startup will be assigned to an end-to-end Mentor to help navigate the program, set goals and track progress.

The guiding themes of the Program are: Digital Health & Pharma, Product Development & Service Design, Business Development & Partner Cooperation, Fundraising, Soft Skills & Events.

VITA Accelerator offers 110K€ as first investment (of which 50K€ in cash) for all the teams. Selected teams will receive 300K€ of first follow-on and up to 2M€ cumulative follow-on investments for the most promising startups. 

Apply now using this link and complete all the required fields. The deadline for startup submissions is 12 June 2022.

Don’t forget to check carefully all the Innovation Challenges from our Partners to see if you make a good fit for any of them. In case you haven’t received the confirmation email during the registration process, don’t forget to check your Spam folder (if the email doesn’t arrive, please contact us at

The Program will be organized in a hybrid format, combining on-site activities in Salerno and Milan (Bresso) with online sessions.

The Program consists of 6 on-site sprints over 3 months. Each sprint will last 1 week and will be held in one of the two locations: Palazzo Innovazione, Salerno, and OpenZone (Bresso).

We require in-person presence of the startups during the sprints. The rest of the activities will be carried out online.

As part of the program, startups will be offered the opportunity to reside at the Palazzo Innovazione in Salerno, and in the satellite hub of OpenZone in Milan area (Bresso).

Palazzo Innovazione is a coworking space dedicated to hosting innovative startups and established companies with a particular focus on health innovation initiatives, located in the very center of Salerno, overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

OpenZone is the campus, on the doorstep of Milan, dedicated to Health and founded on an approach geared towards open innovation. 

We are aiming to select 10 startups to participate in 2022 Acceleration Program. The received submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Clear and complete submission form, addressing all the required fields in a proper way and completed on time;
  • Good fit to any of the Innovation Challenges of the VITA Accelerator Partners;
  • Startup metrics: breakthrough technology, clear and functioning business model, initial traction, product-market fit, strategic relevance for the digital health industry, level of scientific evidence;
  • Willingness of the startup team to take part of the Accelerator and reply promptly.

The Program will be held in English.

Submission period is open from May 10th till June 12th. After that, VITA Accelerator performs evaluation & matchmaking of the startups. Shortlisted startups will be invited for the Final Selection in person either in Bresso (June 27th) or Salerno (June 30th). The startups-participants will receive the confirmation by July 7th and will be going through an onboarding phase till July 18th. The Program will kick off on July 18th.

If you are at a too early stage, make sure you apply for the 2023 Program! VITA Accelerator will be hosting one batch per year. The next batch & call for applications is planned for April – November 2023.

Do you have any questions regarding the selection process?


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The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.