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Accelerace - Leading Nordic pre-seed investor and accelerator

Accelerace will be curating and driving the VITA Acceleration program together with Healthware Group and CDP Venture Capital.

Accelerace – one of the first startup accelerators globally

Since 2008, Accelerace has supported 800+ Danish and international startups, including a range of notable successes. Over the years we have made more than 70 pre-seed investments and matched startups with industry-leading companies such as Tetra Pak, Arla, and Elia. Accelerace is also responsible for the management of NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship), an elite mentoring program for Nordic life science startups. We have written a bit more about NOME here.

Accelerace Invest II is the largest Danish fund in terms of the number of investments. By making approximately 30 new investments/year in pre-seed startups until 2023, the ambition is to be Denmark’s most aggressive early-stage investor.

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What Accelerace will bring to the table in VITA

Although we have a lot of experience working with startups it has been a very broad range of industries as we have never had a strict vertical focus. Over the years we have also worked with many health startups, mostly medtech and pharma, but we have not had a dedicated focus on digital health. We believe digital health to be a tremendously interesting space both now and for the coming decades. We are, therefore, truly excited to take part in VITA as partners hoping to both learn a lot and contribute with our substantial experience from helping startups grow and raise funding.

By having worked with close to a thousand startups over the past years we have been able to identify patterns in what really matters when talking about growth and scaling. This is a crucial point as we all know that startup founders need to ruthlessly prioritize how they allocate their time and ressources, so focusing on only the most important parts at the right time is paramoubt. We have distilled some of the key learnings into impactful courses that we look forward to sharing with the companies who receive an investment from VITA and take part in the program.

Also, we hope to be a useful gateway to the Nordics for the participating startups. We have an expansive network in Scandinavia that can provide value for those where it is relevant.

In short, we are incredibly excited to be part of VITA and cannot wait to meet the startups who will be part of the program and contribute to their success.



The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.