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Meet our Alumni: InGeno

InGeno is the first platform that, starting with an innovative and patented DNA analysis, allows people to go to the source of the problem by developing genetically-based personalized treatment programs.

Founded by Alessandro Bruno, the company is ready to make some big moves during the 2022 program. Get to know them in the following interview featuring /highlights from their experience with VITA and discover how they are striving to transform health with their innovative solutions. 

What was the inspiration behind your company and how will your solution change the current healthcare scenario? 

InGeno was created from a collaboration between professionals and researchers with expertise in in biomedical and genetically-based biotechnology, particularly in the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics, and a combined experience of +10 years in Healthcare Management. 

InGeno strongly believes in the potential of DNA analysis in effectively improving the well-being and health of people everywhere. Our goal, as professionals and as a company, is to realize and make diagnosis, prevention and treatment solutions, that are validated by our rigorous scientific process, available to healthcare professionals. Our project aims to provide customized solutions for health, beauty and wellness problems using a digital approach together with DNA tests based on proprietary and innovative methods and algorithms. 


What are you hoping to achieve during the VITA Accelerator Program? 

Our objectives during the VITA acceleration program are multiple, but in general, we would like to expand the InGeno project: 

  • Strengthening our tests already on the market through medical certification (medical device and IVD) and their distribution in pharmacy channels; 
  • Developing new tests in the dental area for periodontitis and peri-implantitis; 
  • Developing the Geno2Go project, a lab-on-a-chip system, which is a portable device that can perform DNA analysis directly on-site. With this system, we can eliminate the expensive and time-consuming shipment of the kit and reduce the time from receiving the samples to generating the personalized report from 7 days to 1 hour. 

Which program sessions or events have you found most helpful for your company? Could you highlight some milestones or connections made during your time with VITA? 

All the sessions we have attended so far have been important, and the ones by the Science and Data Science team at Healthware were especially interesting and useful. Equally important were the countless networking opportunities, particularly the Frontiers Health Global Conference in Milan. 

We established many connections during our time at VITA, including those with the other start-ups in the batch: Medicilio, Evotion, Hu-care, PaperBox and Aris4Autism.  

Moreover, we appreciate all the exchange and collaboration activities with the corporate partner Petrone Group and the opportunity to engage with other partners such as SIFI Group

What is the next big move your company will take and where would you like to see yourselves in the next 5 years? 

Of course, establishing our network will be an important milestone that we will work towards every day. 

In the next few months, we will open our first clinic and currently the team is looking for the right location, areas to integrate, staff and the communication plan needed to promote our work.


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The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.