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Meet our Alumni: Paperbox

Paperbox offers an accessible screening method able to detect the risk of developing Learning Disorders starting from the age of 5 by spotting related risk factors. After the diagnosis, they provide a preventive "smart treatment" path performed by certified specialists and periodical assessments. 

Co-founded by Francesco Garosci, Co-founder & Head of Business; Giacomo Pratesi, Co-founder & Head of Technology, and Francesco Trovato; Co-founder & Head of Strategy, the company is ready to make some big moves during the 2022 program. Get to know them in the following interview featuring highlights from their experience with VITA and discover how they are striving to transform health with their innovative solutions. 

What was the inspiration behind your company and how will your solution change the current healthcare scenario? 

First and foremost, equal opportunities in learning play an important role in societies, but unfortunately, learning disorders are often underestimated in their prevalence and impact on individuals and communities. 

It is not to say that suffering from these disorders means that a person is less capable, but instead means that they will need to take a different approach in the learning process. To meet that need, it is key to determine the disorder early on, and this is where our solution, DINO, plays a crucial role. Thanks to its technology, DINO can identify dyslexia starting at the age of 5, allowing the child to start preventive treatment aimed at reducing or avoiding the impact of the disorder and allowing parents and teachers to seek access to special education. 

What are you hoping to achieve during the VITA Accelerator Program? 

Having a strong understanding of our market potential and the related certification path required to access the market are two important goals we’d like to achieve with the support of the program's verticality and extended knowledge from its mentors and experts. 

Which program sessions or events have you found most helpful for your company? Could you highlight some milestones or connections made during your time with VITA? 

Sitting down to create a clear vision for how to tackle many of our objectives with Mads Løntoft, Acceleration at Accelerace and Paolo Borella, the Managing Partner and Head of Program of VITA Accelerator during each goal definition and strategic milestone session has proven to be the central piece of the accelerator experience for our team.  

Then, the sessions curate by Healthware surrounding medical certification with Alberta Spreafico, Global Head of Digital Health, Innovation & Strategy and Maria Rosaria Palladino, Compliance & Performance Director, have really enabled us to push our primary goal of gaining market access into motion.  

And of course, joining Frontiers Health with VITA exposed us to the global digital health ecosystem and connected us with the most relevant industry experts.  

What is the next big move your company will take and where would you like to see yourselves in the next 5 years? 

Big picture, we are striving to provide equal learning opportunities to all children through early diagnosis by making DINO the standard screening method for dyslexia in schools and medical institutions. So clearly the next move for us will be demonstrating the medical value of DINO by conducting its first tests in schools. 

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The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.