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PaperBox VITA Demo Day 2023

VITA Accelerator 2022 Program alumnus, Paperbox Health, gets €230K in a bridge round

Paperbox Health, a Turin-based startup that offers an accessible screening method for Learning Disorders and a 2022 VITA Accelerator alumnus, has closed a bridge round of 230k EUR as follow-on from VITA Accelerator and GeneRa.

Paperbox was born during the first edition of Vento, a non-profit venture builder backed by Exor Ventures, and in 2022 went through VITA Accelerator’s digital health program, part of CDP Venture Capital Accelerator’s network, Healthware Group and Accelerace.

Last year, GeneRa made a first investment in Paperbox and Alice Ravizza joined the startup’s team as PRRC (Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance) to strengthen the company’s expertise and accelerate their path to medical certification of their solution for dyslexia, DINO by Paperbox.

Recently, Paperbox announced the collaboration with GDMH, the digital medicine & health unit of IRCCS Policlinico Gemelli, for the start of pre-clinical usability tests of DINO by Paperbox toward the certification as a medical device! 

2024 will also see the public release of the tool for sector’s professionals.

Paperbox aims to build an “end-to-end” solution for early identification and preventive intervention of childhood cognitive disorders and provides a preventive "smart treatment" path after the diagnosis.

Currently, the startup’s main product is DINO by Paperbox, a gamified solution for Specific Learning Disorders, able to identify those starting at the age of 5, allowing the child to start preventive treatment aimed at reducing or avoiding the impact of the disorder and allowing parents and teachers to seek access to special education.

The funds raised will be used for the preparation and submission of the clinical trial (approval by the ethics committee) as a first step on the way to the medical certification. Other targets are further development and new releases of the solution, go-to-market validation, and growing the user bases of speech and learning disorder therapists.

DINO by Paperbox has already been tested by more than 300+ children in the 5–7-year range in 13 schools and by 30+ specialists, achieving very promising results.

Meanwhile, VITA Accelerator, a digital health program launched by CDP Venture Capital together with Healthware Group and Accelerace, is welcoming new startups to join the 2024 Program. The applications are open and accessible through the VITA Accelerator’s website.

About Paperbox Health

Paperbox provides an accessible screening method with the ability to identify the risk of developing LDs starting from the age of 5, based on the identification of related risk factors. After the identification, we provide a preventive "smart treatment" path performed by certified specialists and periodical assessments.

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About VITA Accelerator

VITA Accelerator is the Digital Health Accelerator of CDP National Accelerators Network, born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital Sgr / Fondo Acceleratori together with Healthware Group and Accelerace. The program also benefits from the support of the Corporate Partners Petrone Group and SIFI Group, and the Technical Partner Orrick.

VITA Accelerator aims at accelerating both Italian and foreign startups willing to do business in Italy in cooperation with key Italian and international operators, investors and corporates. The Accelerator also has the objective of strengthening and nurturing the Italian digital health ecosystem, as well as promoting it internationally.

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About GeneRa

GeneRa is a catalyzer of investment projects selected in the belief that a "bridge" is needed between academic research and industrial application, a bridge that can be facilitated by Angel Investors who are passionate and experts in the research sector.


The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.