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zcube challenge

Zcube Innovation Challenges ‘23: Neurological Disorders, Respiratory and Women's Health

About Zcube – Zambon Research Venture

Zcube is the Zambon Group's research venture set up in 2003 to explore the world of research and innovation in Life Sciences globally. It supports the growth and acceleration of innovative startups operating in its areas of interest such as respiratory issues and neurodegenerative diseases, in accordance with Zambon Group mission: innovating cure and care to make patients’ lives better.

Zcube works to identify and develop modern solutions to improve patients’ lives, based on the use of digital technologies to be used alongside traditional therapies. It is engaged in 3 main areas of activity:

  • Open Accelerator, the international accelerator program dedicated to startups in the Life Sciences;
  •  Corporate Venture activities, concerned with the management of investments in national and international funds mainly operating in the Life Sciences sector;
  • Careapt, a wholly owned startup founded in 2018 and dedicated to the development of integrated Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch solutions for transforming chronic disease treatment into a person-centred experience of human relations and care.

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Zcube’s Current Interests

Zcube is constantly looking for the world’s leading innovators whose digital solutions are shaping the future of health, thanks to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies (ie: wearables, biomarkers, advanced analytics, AI etc.). Zcube seeks to identify projects and startups that are creating transformative patient experiences along the entire patient journey from healthy living to awareness and engagement, prevention, diagnosis, disease management and follow-up phase.

Zcube's main objective for the Vita Accelerator get to know innovative startups, meeting Zambon criteria, and explore possible partnership opportunities in the digital life science environment.

Zambon Biotech R&D Pipeline is currently focused in executing Late Phase Global Development Projects in Severe Respiratory and Orphan Diseases Treatment.

At CareApt, Zcube is developing a Digital Care platform for Patients and Care Givers in Parkinson Disease and other Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Open Call for Startups

Develop and include innovative digital solution in the life science areas and health system

Zcube is particularly interested in seeking solutions in the following Therapeutic Categories:

  • Neurological Movement Disorders-(Dyskinesia, Parkinson Disease)
  • Severe Respiratory Diseases(Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis, Bronchiolitis Obliterans Systemic)
  • Rare Diseases-(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Women’s Health

Among the digital health categories, Zcube is interested in: Digital Therapeutics, Biomarkers, Predictive Analytics, Remote Monitoring and Homecare Technologies and Rehabilitation Systems.

Selection Criteria

A feasibility study to run usual industry certifications (e.g.- CE marks, Health Authority licenses etc) is welcome. The technology should be protected by a filed or pending patent (or be proprietary software), preferably owned by University/Research Institute spinoffs). Strong scientific validation is required.

Papers published in peer-reviewed journals and/or early clinical studies completed are welcome.

Zcube is open to consider other forms of collaborations outside of the overall VITA Accelerator criteria for additional opportunities.

What’s in there for selected startups?

With the pilot project, Zcube expects to collect data to plan and decide next steps to explore possible new collaborations and business opportunities. Zcube is planning to work on the scalable market prototype with the selected startups.

In the course of the program, ZCube may be able to involve other Zambon Group companies to contribute with their valuable expertise. It would be also possible an involvement of other OpenZone member companies in the advisory roles: for example, ItaliAssistenza, the Zambon company in the digital care and homecare areas.

Zcube is open to explore further possibilities of collaboration with the selected startups upon the program’s conclusion.





The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.