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Zcube Innovation Challenges ‘23: Neurological Disorders, Respiratory and Women's Health
Zcube's main objective for the Vita Accelerator get to know innovative startups, meeting Zambon criteria, and explore possible partnership opportunities in the digital life science environment.
Meet our Alumni: Linari Medical
Linari Medical produces and commercializes medical devices for neuro visual rehabilitation in Telehealth.
Meet our Technical Partner Orrick
We are proud to have Orrick as our Technical Partner, supporting all our teams with contractual aspects and legal mentorship.
A collective effort to expand health innovation – the Ecosystem Partners of the VITA Accelerator
Our acceleration program VITA, born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital SRG in collaboration with Healthware Group and Accelerace, is supported by a vast network of ecosystem partners
Meet the Investors: Open Innovation and Collaboration among Different Stakeholders
During Sprint 3 of our acceleration program, we organized a "Meet the Investors" session with the support of the our Innovation Partner Zcube-Zambon Research Venture
Meet our Startups: HuCare
HuCare is a secure platform that empowers communication between patients and doctors.


The Vita Accelerator is a novel startup acceleration program launched by CDP together with Healthware and Accelerace that aims to support a new generation of digital health startups.